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Rules of use of EDS

Regulations on the use of electronic digital signature of a doctor in medical information systems for signing electronic prescriptions

General information

Describes the use of electronic digital signature of a doctor for signing prescriptions, generated in electronic format, to give them the status of an electronic document.

  • In accordance with the Decisions on providing support for the infrastructure of an automated information system for the circulation of electronic prescriptions (hereinafter - AIS ER) to generate and verify an electronic digital signature (hereinafter - EDS), the actions of health workers in the process of generating EDS from electronic prescriptions in the framework of the AIS ER operation will be carried out the use of certified software EDS using public-key certificates (hereinafter - SOK) issued by the Republican Certification Authority Noah public key management system checks the digital signature of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter - the RTCs GosSUOK).
  • The procedure for obtaining certificates is governed by the documents issued by the Republican Unitary Enterprise EEU.
  • The development and verification of EDS of electronic recipes will be carried out on the basis of certificates of a legal entity.
  • The functions of the doctor to develop an electronic digital signature and the signing of electronic prescriptions are implemented at the automated workplace of the doctor within the framework of the used medical information system (hereinafter - MIS).
  • For the IIA, a regular update of the lists of revoked certificates (hereinafter referred to as SOS) issued by the GCSMC should be implemented. A regular update of the SOS for the MIS will be organized within the AIS ER corporate network from the point of the central server platform accessible to all MIS. The procedure for updating the SOS at the automated workplace of the doctor within the framework of the IIA is formed by the organization responsible for the operation (maintenance) of the IIA.
  • The doctor’s actions on signing electronic EDS recipes are given in the IIA operational documentation.
  • To ensure the implementation of functions for the development of EDS, at every workplace of a doctor, a certified means of generating an EDS “AvUCK Subscriber Kit Software Package AvUCK” should be installed, which is transmitted to the subscriber of the RCS GUSOKK upon issuance of the certificate.

Regulation on the use of EDS (PDF document)