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The purposes of creation and the basic functions of system

The main objectives of the AIS ER are:
  • improving the quality of medical care for patients by reducing the working time of the doctor, spent on the performance of medicinal prescriptions and the issuance of prescriptions
  • carrying out various kinds of information analysis (comprehensively recording the designation of preferential medicines in the context of health organizations, patients, analyzing the cost of drug treatment, planning the procurement of medicines, etc.)
  • ensuring the analysis of the correctness of prescribed medication
  • Creation of prerequisites for more effective and safe drug therapy (excludes unreadability or misinterpretation of prescriptions; in the computer system it is possible to use both expert tips for prescribing and warnings about the possible consequences of unwanted interactions between drugs, since the use of AIS ER allows the doctor to see everything prescribed medicines to the patient, avoid erroneously indicated dangerous dosages, etc.)
  • decrease in the cost of treatment due to the reduction of complications of drug therapy (incorrect selection of medicines, complications from the joint use of medicines, side effects), the use of analogues of original medicines - generics, etc.
  • excluding the possibility of duplicating the release of concomitant medications for a single patient
  • the exclusion of the possibility of counterfeiting both ordinary and preferential recipes
The following basic functions are realized in the AIS ER system:
  • creation and maintenance of the register of electronic recipes
  • automation of the process of prescribing in electronic format by healthcare professionals with the subsequent transfer of information to the centralized repository of electronic recipes
  • automation of the process of dispensing medicinal products according to electronic prescriptions in the pharmacy organization with subsequent introduction of information on leave into the centralized storage of electronic recipes
  • providing doctors with access to information about all medicines issued to a patient, including other doctors and / or other organizations
  • providing access to information on prescription and dispensed medicines on-line to generate the necessary analytical materials