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Framework programme for research and innovation "Horizon 2020"

The European Union Framework Program for Science and Innovation for 2014-2020 is the eighth program to support supranational science in the EU, whose history began in the mid-1980s. Unlike previous programs, it got its own name - Horizon 2020. Another important difference from its predecessors is the unification in Horizon 2020 of previously existing programs for financing research, development and innovation activities, as well as related financial resources. The program is an attempt to implement in practice a number of more than 30 items of the initiative "Innovation Union" ( - one of the 7 so-called flagship initiatives of the EU Development Strategy for the current decade "Europe 2020" (

The objectives of the Program are to create a scientific and technological basis for the accelerated and sustainable economic development of a united Europe, to increase its competitiveness in the world, to increase employment, to bring the EU to the level of the most developed countries in science and technology, to solve global problems in the field of public health, energy, climate and security. These goals define three priorities (they are also three structural blocks) of the Program:

  • I. Advanced science
  • II. Industrial Leadership
  • III. Solving socially significant problems.

The block "Socially significant problems" includes the following sections:

  1. Health, demography and welfare of the population
  2. Safe nutrition, sustainable agriculture, marine and coastal research, bioeconomics
  3. Safe, eco-friendly and efficient energy
  4. Smart, eco-friendly and integrated transport
  5. Climate, efficient use of natural resources
  6. Innovative society
  7. A safe society.

More information:

The source of funding for the Framework Program is the budget of the European Union. The budget of the program - about 80 billion euros - makes it the largest ever EU Union program to support science and innovation and one of the most expensive programs of state support for science in the world.

The program Horizon 2020 is open to the whole world: representatives of non-EU countries can participate in its projects, and for most of them this decision of the European Parliament is financed. In this regard, Horizon 2020 continues the traditions of its predecessors. So, Belarus has been participating in the Framework Programs for more than 10 years. In the previous 7th Framework Program (2007-2013), research teams from Belarus participated in 63 projects with a budget for the Belarusian side of about 5 million euros. Some of these projects have not yet been completed.

More information about the projects with participation of Belarus:

The Program focuses on large projects with a large number of participants and a multimillion-dollar budget - research and innovation actions with a budget of 1.5 to several million euros and innovative projects with a budget of several million to several tens million euros. Funded and less significant in size projects (support and coordination actions). However, all of them must be partner - the application is submitted by a consortium of partners representing different countries.

Who can participate?

A member of the Program is any legal entity, for example, a scientific institution, a university, a public or private company, including small and medium-sized enterprises, an association of enterprises, a public or international organization. In some cases, individuals can participate. In the EU Framework Programs, scientific and technical and innovation activities are supported through projects that are carried out by an international consortium of partners. The consortium should consist of at least three organizations from three different EU countries or the countries associated with the "Horizon 2020" - a special group of "third" countries that contribute a country financial contribution to the Program budget. Projects are selected on a competitive basis based on the results of independent scientific expertise. The working language is English.


National Contact Point (NCP)

Since 2016, the National Contact Point (NCT) of the European Union Framework Program for Science and Innovations "Horizon 2020" in the field of "Health, demographic changes and the development of the health system" has been implemented on the basis of the State Institution "Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Management and Health Economics". well-being of the population ".

The contact person

Pisarik Vitaliy Mikhailovich, Cand. Sc. (Biology), Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Monitoring and forecasting of health care development of RNPT MT.

Tel. +375 17 3313204,


What is tubing?

As in all EU member countries and many "third" countries, Belarus has created an infrastructure for informing and advising potential and current participants of the "Horizon 2020" - national contact points (NCPs). Each NCT is assigned one or several directions of the Program. The NGT network of the Horizon 2020 program in Belarus was formed by the decision of the State Committee for Science and Technology in 2014. It has a distributed character and includes:

  • National Information Office of EU Programs on Science and Innovation (NIO,, working on the basis of the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of the Scientific and Technical Sphere. There are contact points "Information and Communication Technologies", "Scientific Infrastructure", "Maria Sklodowska-Curie Program", "Energy", NCT on legal and financial issues - coordinator of the CNT network. Thus, NIO supports the participation in the program in a number of areas and the overall coordination of Belarus' cooperation in the Horizon 2020 program.
  • The main part of the CNT works on the basis of the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and universities. The staff of the CNT is updated periodically: as of August 2016, the network has 26 people, who supervise 17 areas of the Program.

National contact points

  • will tell you about the program "Horizon 2020" and help you choose the right contest
  • clarify the terms of participation in the Program
  • help with the choice of the topic and give advice on developing a strategy for participation
  • will assist in finding partners
  • will hold an information seminar or training on various aspects of the Horizon 2020 program in your organization.

How to contact with НКТ?

CNT consult on the phone, via e-mail and in person

The services listed above are provided free of charge, during their free time

Contact information of the national information office of the "Horizon 2020" Program in the Republic of Belarus:

The site of the office - section "Horizon 2020"

Coordinator of national contact points "Horizon 2020":

Olga Meerovskaya

National Information Office of EU Programs on Science and Innovation
Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support
scientific and technical sphere, 7 Pobediteley Avenue, 220004 Minsk, Belarus.

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