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Conditions and procedure for connecting

The procedure for connecting to AS IMITI

An application for providing access to AS IMITI should be executed in accordance with the Regulation on AS IMITI on the letterhead of the organization, signed by the head, registered and sent to the RTSC MT through an interdepartmental document management system (SMDO) or other delivery channels of correspondence (email address ).

Application for connection to AS IMITI

! Please note that the application must specify at least two users with the roles "User" and "Manager".

The user with the role of "Leader" is given the opportunity to view and analyze the information of his institution, as well as all hierarchies of the Ministry of Health, institutions that are included in his level. The “supervisor” monitors the correctness of data entry and allows (by ticking the “Control” field) to poison the data in a central repository.

A user with the User role has access to information only from his institution. “User” carries out input, editing of all data of the institution.

There can be several users with the role of "User and" Manager "at the discretion of the organization.

Technical requirements

For the functioning of the System at the client’s client site, it is necessary:

Internet access

Support for the following browser types and versions:

Internet Explorer (version 10.0 and later);

Google Chrome (version 34.0.1847.131 and later);

Mozilla Firefox (version 28.0 and later);

Opera (version 18.0.1284.68 and later);

Safari (version 7.0 and later).

Login to the System

To run the program, use the browser installed on the user's workplace.

The address bar is used to enter the address of entry into the System -

After starting the application, an authorization window is displayed on the screen with a suggestion to enter a login and password. The “Login” field displays the name of the last user logged on to this workstation.

Adding / removing users in AS IMITI

An application for adding / removing users to IMITI AS must be executed on the organization letterhead, signed by the head and registered.

A completed application must be sent to the RTSC MT through SMDO or by e-mail 

Application for adding users to AS IMITI

Application for deleting users in AS IMITI

Subscriber services of AS IMITI include:
  • ensuring the operability of virtual infrastructure and data transmission channels for the functioning of AS IMITI;
  • ensuring systematic backup and, if necessary, data recovery of IMITI AS;
  • testing the integrity of the database and eliminating found errors in the database;
  • optimization of tuning parameters of the database management server;
  • technical support for the functioning of AS IMITI;
  • maintaining directories AS IMITI;
  • providing access to new users, in accordance with the Regulation on AS IMITI;
  • advising users on working with AS IMITI.