Reception (+375 17) 292 30 80

Fax (+375 17) 331 34 84

Department of technical support and maintenance of AIS

Head of department

Radchuk Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Tel. (+375 17) 290 75 60, (+375 17) 331 32 72,   

Employees of department

Solovei Alla Mikhailovna, Deputy Head of the Department,  tel. (+375 17) 331 32 71,  

Abibok Elena Vasilevna, Chief Specialist, tel. (+375 17) 331 33 42,  

Shibuk Marina Alexandrovna, administrator

Gorevoy Vyacheslav Vitalevich, Software engineer I cat, tel. (+375 17) 331 33 42,  

Zhabinskaya Alena Vladimirovna, Software Engineer I cat., tel. (+375 17) 250 78 43,  

Chimba Yulia Alexandrovna, Software Engineer II cat.,  tel. (+375 17) 250 73 51,  

Zavala Tatyana Dmitrievna, Software Engineer II cat.,  tel. (+375 17) 250 73 51, 

Electronic Document Management Sector

Dyachenko Alla Gennadievna, Head of the Sector, tel. (+375 17) 290 75 60, 

Employees of the sector

Dovnar Olga Alexandrovna, Leading Software Engineer, tel. (+375 17) 290 75 61, 

Petushkov Alexander, Chief Specialist, tel. (+375 17) 331 32 72, 

Kovalevich Alexander Alexandrovich, Software Engineer 1 Cat., tel. (+375 17) 331 32 72, 

Information systems implementation and support Sector

Sukhanova Larisa Mikhailovna, Head of the Sector, tel. (+375 17)  332 18 07, 

Employees of the sector

Victoria Gladkova, Software Engineer I cat., tel. (+375 17)  332 17 09,  

Directions of activity of the department
  • technical support and maintenance of users of automated information systems (hereinafter - AIS) in accordance with contractual obligations
  • implementation of AIS software
  • ensuring the effective functioning of the accompanied AIS by monitoring and analyzing the results of their work, the formation of databases of the republican level
  • keeping the software up to date
  • supervision of software products transferred to the customer
  1. Automated system of document management support for "MEDIUM" (AU DOW "MEDIUM")
  2. Automated Information System "Electronic Prescription" (AIS ER)
  3. Republican Telemedicine Consulting System (RTMS)
  4. Automated information system "Dynamics of the incidence of acute respiratory infections in the Republic of Belarus" (AIS "Morbidity of ARI")
  5. Automated information system Polyclinic (AIS "Polyclinic")
  6. Republican information and analytical system of accounting for medical and pharmaceutical personnel (RIAS "Staff")
  7. Information and analytical system for planning and control of centralized competitive procurement of medicines for healthcare organizations (IAS "Pharmaceutical Supply")
  8. Automated information system "Control over the distribution of young specialists who graduated from higher medical educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus" (AIS MS)
  9. Automated information system "Classifier of bodies and organizations of the state healthcare system of the Republic of Belarus" (AIS "Classifier of OZ")
  10. Automated information system "Accounting and analysis of occupational diseases and poisoning" (AIS "Occupational morbidity")
  11. Automated system of inventory and monitoring of information and technical infrastructure (AS IMITI)
  12. Automated information system "Statistics of the drug dispensary outpatient clinic"; automated information system "Statistics of the narcological dispensary hospital"
  13. Automated information system "Accounting and analysis of the work of medical personnel of the drug dispensary"
  14. Automated information system "Register of tariffs for paid medical services"
  15. Automated information system for the registration of economic entities that have received licenses for pharmaceutical activities and (or) activities related to trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors "(AIS" Pharmaceutical Inspection")