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2019 Number 1 journal of Health Organization and Informatization


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Problem Articles and Reviews

Sachek М.М., Pilonyuk V.A., Malakhova I.V., Dudina T.V., Yolkina A.I.

Good Practice of Scientific Publications in Medicine and Health Care Sphere. Scientific Articles Quality Assessment (literature review)

Surmach M.Yu., Yepifanava Н.К.

Possibilities of Health Self-assessment Use as a Criterion of Health-related Quality of Life in Development and Assessment of Effectiveness of Motherhood and Childhood Protection Prevention Programs

Scientific Research

Piatselski Yu.V., Surmach M.Yu.

Electronic Bureau of Hospitalization as an Organizational Technology to Increase Availability of Specialized Medical Care and Rational Use of Resources in Regional Clinical Hospital

Budnik Ya.I., Sharshakova T.M.

Role of General Practitioner Team in Preventive Counseling for Patients with Arterial Hypertension

Romanov N.A., Shcherbinskaya I.P., Ivanova V.I., Panulina N.I., Kulpanovich O.A., Matveichik T.V., Schvab L.V., Stankevich V.V.

Availability and Quality of Health Care According to Opinion of Patients and Healthcare Professionals from Mogilev Region

Zavodnik L.B., Khokha R.N., Petrov S.V., Polubinskaya S.E., Li Qi, Zhou Xiangdong, Shpakou A.I.

Dependence of Bronchial Asthma in Children Clinical and Laboratory Indicators from Populated Areas' Size (on Example of Grodno Region of Belarus)


Piliptsevich N.N.

Primary Health Care and "Mental Condition" of the Current Time

Proceedings of the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation "Clinical Pharmacology and Health Technology Assessment in Sustainable Healthcare Development Strategy" (Minsk. November 29-30. 2018)

Azaryonok A.S., Mikhailova E.I.

Some Aspects of Rational Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Surgical Departments (review)

Akulov V.V., Sachek M.M.

QuanTB - Tool of Flexible Forecasting and Planning of Medicines in Phthisiology

Vasilevski I.V.

Immunocorrective Therapy in Pediatrics: Position of Clinical Pharmacologist

Hryshkevich A.N.

Trichomoniasis Therapy in Pregnant Women

Kaliada A.N., Zakharenko A.G.

Analysis of Antibiotics Consumption for Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Hospitals of Different Level

Leskova N.Yu., Konorev M.R., Solkin A.A., Pavlyukov R.A., Akulenok A.V.

Analysis of Rationality of Antimicrobial Medicines Use in Hospital Pulmonological Department through Matrix Models

Masalbekova A.A., Abakumova T.R., Ziganshina L.E.

Analysis of Medicines' Advertising Quantitative Indicators on Television of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation

Mokhort T. V.

"Hot News" in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment: Consensus of European Association for the Study of Diabetes and American Diabetes Association on Hyperglycemia Management

Ovchinnikova M.Yu., Sachek M.M.

Modeling Technology of Supply of Antiretroviral Medicines

Savarina V.A.

Changes in Lipid Metabolism in the Background of Therapy of Chronic Viral Hepatitis C with Direct-Acting Antiviral Medicines

Sadovskaya O.G., Gavrilenko L.N.

Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients with Comorbidity: Increasing Compliance and Safety of Treatment (literature review)

Sushynskij V.E., Hryshkevich A.N., Maroz-Vadalazhskaya N.N., Bliznuk A.I.

Features of Treatment of Arterial Hypertension in Perimenopause

Tashtanbekova Ch.B., Evstratov A.A., Korableva A.A., Chuenkova E.A., Ziganshina L.E.

Different Types of Anesthesia for Cesarean Section: Historical Perspective

Khiliuta T.P., Mikhailova E.I.

Clinical Features of Combined Antiviral Therapy with Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin in Patients with Chronic Viral Hepatitis C Based on Virus Genotype and IL28B Gene Polymorphism

Yarashevich B.S., Mikhailova E.I.

Predictive Role of IL28B Gene Polymorphism in Development of Anemia during Viral Hepatitis C Therapy

Monitoring of the National Health Legal Base


Normative-Legal Regulation on Rendering Medical Care and Ensuring Sanitary-Epidemiologic Well-being of the Population (December 2018 - February 2019)